Late last year our club began the process of developing and incorporating mission statements & values into our club policies and administrative procedures.

Our club slogan introduced in our clubs foundation year, 'The Junior Club for the Family & Community' remains as it is the basis and foundation value our club was built on. 

Our club members pride themselves on this core value that has built our club to what it is today. However in order to grow and expand as our club entered its 5th year it is necessary that our values represent a deeper perspective that is expansive and representative not only of those families that bring their kids to play but include underpinning values that adult, child volunteers and the juniors who play a direction in which they aim to achieve within not only for the club but personally.

Therefore on behalf of the committee I am proud to announce the following as our club values and mission statement. Achievement, Positive, Community, Respect, Opportunity, Welcoming & Sportsmanship. These values are a mnemonic and stand for AP CROWS.

Our Mission Statement and club slogan remains 'The Junior Club for the Family & Community'. These values can now be seen on our club website and on all emails and paperwork generated from the club. In time it is envisaged that these values will be seen on the inside and outside of our club rooms and will be promoted in recruiting material to all parents and club members.

Thank you to all committee, coaches, club members, family & friends in the development of these values and contributing to the future of our club.

How to become a member

If you wish to become a community member of our club, there are a couple of important things you should know.

* Membership Cost: $1 per calendar year. Renewable yearly.

* Membership can be paid at anytime.

* Membership entitles you to vote at Club Special Meetings such as the AGM.

* You must have 28 days financial membership before being allowed to vote.

* If you wish to be a Coach or on the Committee, you must be a member.

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Being a Community Member, gives you the opportunity to have a say in how YOUR club is run.

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